Warranty Info

*Please download the Warranty return form before returning any items.

At SMD we endeavor to provide a fast and fair warranty service for our customers but the following points need to be noted.

1)  Under no exceptions do we look into providing a warranty exchange without the relevant paperwork (Receipt is needed at all times, warranty card also with some products that have longer than the legally required warranty). We have heard all the excuses before, we are not being difficult, our suppliers don't refund us unless we provide the correct paperwork with any warranty claims.

2) No matter where the product was purchased it’s the customers job - not ours - to prove where you purchased the item and to provide this to us. We won’t ring a dealer on your behalf or chase the paperwork for you, most dealers are computerized now and can re print a receipt if purchased from them.

3) Please make sure that the item really does not work before returning it back to us, almost 20% of the items we receive turn out to work 100% perfectly. A £15 handling charge applies for items returned that are not faulty. This covers our time to test, shipping and VAT.

4) We operate a “you support us, we support you policy” and therefore only provide a fair and fast warranty for UK sourced items bought through us either directly, or indirectly, through one of our dealers. Products sourced from overseas need to be returned to the retail outlet/distributor in the country where purchased.

5) Please note any items not covered by warranty and left with us for 90 days or more will be disposed of by whatever means we see fit. (dustbin, recycling depot etc)

6) Any items not covered by warranty that you wish to be returned will have the shipping paid for in advance by yourself.

7) Please note any swollen Lipo batteries returned under warranty will not be stored inside SMD, we will look and if deemed dangerous we will leave them outside the building in a non secure tin.



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Download Warranty Return Form: Link