107A54241A - SRG-BZX Servo (15kgcm / 0.06s/40, 7.4V)

107A54241A - SRG-BZX Servo (15kgcm / 0.06s/40, 7.4V)
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Product Information

Tough, fast and strong … this servo has all characteristics an offroad driver desires. The lower part of the housing is made of aluminium for improved cooling while the steel gears provide extra durability. This servo is ready for toughest demands!  
BL signifies Brushless. This high-quality product features the maintenance-free and extremely durable brushless technology.

  • Specifications
  • Weight     70g
  • Type     digital
  • Ball bearings     yes
  • Manipulating speed     0.06s/40°
  • Manipulating energy     15.0kg/cm
  • Dimensions     40.5x21.0x38.0mm
  • Voltage rating     7.4V
  • Metal gear     yes
Product Code SAN107A54241A
Manufacturer Sanwa
Weight 0.010Kg